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Traffic Fine Schedule

Moving Violations

Exceeding Speed Limit in a School Zone Fine & Cost
1-10 MPH Over Limit $220.50
11-15 MPH Over Limit $240.50
16-20 MPH Over Limit $290.50
21 MPH and Over Mandatory Appearance
Exceeding Speed Limit in 20 to 40 Mile Zone
1-10 MPH Over Limit $180.50
11-15 MPH Over Limit $190.50
16-20 MPH Over Limit (Plus Driving School $50.00) $280.5
21 MPH And Over Mandatory Appearance
Exceeding Speed Limit in 45, 55, 60 or 70 Mile Zone
1-10 MPH Over Limit $180.50
11-15 MPH Over Limit $190.50
16-20 MPH Over Limit $215.50
21-25 MPH Over Limit $230.50
26-30 MPH Over Limit $290.50
31 MPH And Over Mandatory Appearance


Other Moving Traffic Violations Fine & Cost
Appearance W/ Accident
Careless Operation $240.50 $348.50
Cell Phone Usage By Bus Driver $248.50 $348.50
Cell Phone Usage By Minor $248.50 $498.50
Cell Phone Usage By Novice $323.50 $348.50
Cell Phone Usage By 1st Time License Holder $248.50 $348.50
Drag Racing $390.50 $390.50
Disobeying School Bus Signals $340.50 $415.50
Driving Across Median $200.50 $220.50
Driving Across Parking Lot to Avoid Traffic $200.50
Driving Left of Center $200.50 $220.50
Driving Wrong Way on One Way $215.50 $220.50
Entering Traffic from Private Drive w/ Accident $220.50
Exceeding Safe Speed (Too fast for existing cond.) $200.50 $220.50
Excessive Smoke $185.50
Failure to Dim Headlights $165.50
Failure to Maintain Control $200.50 $220.50
Failure to Yield (Stop Sign - Fast Speed) $200.50 $220.50
Failure to Yield (Stop Sign - Walk Speed) $200.50 $220.50
Failure to Yield (Yield Sign) $200.50 $220.50
Failure to Yield (Red Light) $220.50 $240.50
Failure to Yield Emergency Vehicle $390.50
Following Too Close $200.50 $220.50
Following Too Close (Bicycle) $398.50
Harrassment of Cyclist $398.50
Improper Backing & Stopping $200.50 $220.50
Improper Turning $200.50 $220.50
Improper Passing $200.50 $220.50
Improper Lane Usage $200.50 $220.50
Littering Street & Highways Must Appear Must Appear
Neon Lights $190.50
No Face Protection on Motorcycle $165.50
No Helmet on Motorcycle $298.50
Reckless Operation Must Appear Must Appear
Running Barricade $515.50
Smoking in Motor Vehicle $299.50
Spilling Gravel, etc on Street or Highway $290.50
Tamping with Barricade $290.50
Television in View $290.50
Texting While Driving $248.50 $348.50
Unsafe Vehicle $190.50 $220.50
Use of Wireless Device in School Zone $324.50 $499.50
Union Pacific Railroad
     Failure to Stop At Crossing $200.50
     Obedience To Signals $40.50


Non-Moving Violations Fine & Cost
W/ Accident
Allowing Unlicensed Person to Operate Vehicle $265.00 $335.00
Broken Tail Light Lens $195.00  
Burnt Headlights, Tail Lights or License Plate Lights $165.00  
Cancelled License Plate $235.00  
Child Restraint Law Violation $110.00  
Defaced Driver's License or Invalid Driver's License $195.00  
Disobeyed Police Officer Signals $285.00  
Driving Without Tail Lights $225.00  
Driving Without Head Lights $225.00  
Driving With Park Lights Only $195.00  
Driving with White Lights in Rear $195.00  
Driving Across Parking Lot to Avoid Light $245.00  
Expired Driver's License $165.00  
Expired License Plate $195.00  
Expired Inspection or Rejection Certificate $180.00  
Failure to Change Name and Address on License $185.00  
Failure to Transfer Reg. (If Transferred after ticket Received) $195.00  
Failure to Transfer Reg. (If Not Transferred after ticket Received) $235.00  
Fire Lane and Handicapped parking $235.00  
Improperly Displayed License Plate $195.00  
Improperly Secured Load $385.00  
Improper Stopping on Roadway $225.00  
Improper Parking (Parking on Roadway, Etc.) Reg. Ticket $150.00  
Improper Parking (City Police Parking Tickets) If paid within 24 hrs. $25.00  
Improper Parking - If paid After 24 hrs, but before Court Date $70.00  
Improper Parking - If paid After 24 hrs, but on/after Court Date $142.00  
Improper Window Tint $235.00  
Loud Muffler (Doubles with each Offence) $185.00  
Loud Music (Doubles with each offense) $326.50  
Loud Music (Doubles with each offense) $426.50  
Loud Music (Doubles with each offense) Must Appear  
Misuse of Temporary Tag $335.00  
Moving Without Permit Over-Length, Over-Width Load
(May Post Bond 10 time the cost of the permit)
No Brake Lights $225.00  
No Driver's License (Plus One Night Driving School (50.00) $285.00  
No Driver's License in Possession $155.00  
No Inspection or Rejection Sticker $235.00  
No Insurance $265.00  
No Insurance With Accident   Mandatory
No License Plate $260.00  
No Motorcycle Endorsement on Driver's License $195.00  
No Mud Flaps (Truck) $215.00  
No Proof of Insurance in Vehicle $225.00  
No Registration Papers in Vehicle $195.00  
Not Wearing a Seat Belt $35.00  
Simple Obstruction (Parked Vehicle) $225.00  
Switched License Plate $385.00  
Switched Motor Vehicle Inspection Sticker $310.00  
Walking on Roadway $245.00  


Other Violations

Littering Public Place, Street or Highway by Pedestrian----------------Mandatory
($160.00 And/Or 32 hours of Community Service)

Court Cost to Drop Prepared Charges--------------------------------$200.00 plus Subpoena Fees if any

Copies: $2.00 per sheet

Certified Copies :$4.00 per page.

A fine of $155.00 will be assessed for every worthless check charge under $10.00. A fine of $180.00 will be assessed for every worthless check charge over $10.00. It will be mandatory that the individual appear in court for any checks after the third charge filed in the court.

Restitution on worthless checks will be paid by Money Order Only. The money order will have to be for the amount of the check, plus the $20.00 fee to repay the merchant for the registered letter and bank charges. The court cost, money order and fine will be paid at the front office traffic window.

Driving School Fees

Regular Driving School Adult 8 Hours $100.00
Regular Driving School Juvenile 8 Hours $100.00
4 Hour Driving School Juvenile   $50.00
4 Hour Driving School Adult   $50.00
Community Service Fee     $50.00
Fee for rescheduling community service or driving school     $50.00



  If prepared by Attorney $200.00
  Plus Money Order for $125.00  
  If prepared by City Court $400.00
  Plus Money Order for $125.00  


This Schedule Shall Superceed Any and All Previouly Signed Schedules